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Change – whether due to new ideas, organisation growth, acquisition or competition – is a crossroads for a business, will it transform or traumatise, will all opportunities be realised and risks identified?

For the best part of a decade Navigation Partners have been working with all manner of organisations, spearheading a new way of managing projects and programmes to change businesses – a collaborative approach that blends 30 years of project management expertise with the practical reality that most companies prefer to be masters of their own destiny.

Whether you’re looking to completely transform the way you work or to tweak your existing processes, Navigation Partners can help by managing the whole end-to-end process or providing you with the simple, clear, understandable tools and methods that allow us to work with you and your teams to successfully implement change, the way you want it to happen.

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Our Services

Whether you are considering making changes to increase efficiency, improve or change customer service or restructure your organisation, we can help you from scoping your ideas to delivering your change successfully.

We offer a range of services to scope, design, plan, build and deliver successful implementations using a range of simple logical tools.

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Navigation Partners are committed to offering charities free work. The activity we offer may be to look for efficiencies in their operation, help them work smarter, identify new opportunities for them or help them deliver a change.

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Case studies

Navigation Partners is proud to have worked with high profile clients across a broad range of industries & geographies. Our clients range from blue chip multinationals & large public sector organisations, to mid-sized public & private sector companies.

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