The Healthcheck is a tool designed by Navigation Partners to provide additional re-assurance during the change process.

What is the Project Healthcheck toolkit?

The tools and processes within this toolkit allow you to maintain ownership and control over any change within your organisation.

The Healthcheck is carried out by a Navigation Partners Business Director who is able to use their extensive experience to provide your team with a snapshot of progress on a change project.

The aim of the Healthcheck is to identify any areas that need attention and agree an action plan for dealing with them.

It is not a review of the work carried out by the team, or of any of the individuals within it, but an assessment of where any barriers may exist that could prevent or slow progress towards achieving your goals.

Navigation Partners have used their experience in delivering significant change to identify what the key criteria are for delivering successful change projects. We have built a set of tools that enable us to quickly identify areas of concern and risks in a change project that could hinder its delivery. The Healthcheck toolkit can be used at various stages of the change process, including:

  • During planned stages of project delivery to ensure that all impacts of the project have been considered and planned for
  • As an unplanned Healthcheck where a project or change programme is slipping away from schedule, not delivering, or taking longer than expected
  • Where Senior Management requires re-assurance about the progress of a change, or stakeholders require structured feedback on the status of the change project

Why do I need this?

The Healthcheck toolkit can be used to either provide reassurance that your project or change is on track, or review why your project is slipping and not delivering to the original objectives. The key benefits are:

  • It is an assessment of where any barriers may be in achieving change goals.
  • It gives a snapshot of the progress of your change, ensuring that action can be taken before any issues become insurmountable
  • Projects that are late, or not delivering can be quickly and cost-effectively turned round
  • Projects or changes that are perceived to have problems can be particularly difficult to deliver, this Healthcheck provides a definitive view of any issues and the action required
  • Provides Senior Management and stakeholder reassurance on progress of change
  • Enables your team to retain ownership of the change whilst gaining valuable expert insights, or in some cases supplementing additional resource to ensure delivery

Our Healthcheck toolkit reviews the following areas of the change:

  • Whether you have a clear Scope or specification of your Businesses requirements to ensure that the change you are delivering meets your expectations
  • Whether the change has top level executive support
  • Whether the current change plan is deliverable within the timescales agreed and that all areas of the business impacted are included to ensure a successful delivery
  • Whether sufficient resources are in place with the appropriate expertise to make the change happen
  • Whether the organisation and its employees feel ownership of the change and are ready and able to accept it
  • Whether the change has a justifiable financial case

Issues identified in any of these areas can be barriers to successfully achieving your change goals. The Healthcheck is aimed at ensuring all barriers to making your change happen are removed.