Navigation Partners have used their experience in successfully delivering many significant programmes to develop practical, simple, processes that take the complexity and mystery out of initiating a new project.

What is the Plan & Deliver Toolkit?

The Plan & Deliver toolkit will help you:

  • Define a plan to deliver that project
  • When you to define a simple deliverable method when you are unsure of the best way to go about delivering change
  • Refocus where a plan has been started but the direction and plan are unclear to senior management
  • Re-plan a project that has been on hold, stopped or has gone ‘off the rails’

When using a structured method for initiating a change you can provide clear communication on what the change is and what is expected for everyone to ensure it delivers successfully.  This toolkit also enables you to monitor progress against this plan throughout the change process by developing key communication tools.

Such a plan includes:

  • A workshop to ensure all aspects of a change are included in the plan (through our SCOPEit tool)
  • A High level benefits plan, to be used to communicate with those outside the project team
  • A list of key risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies that will affect the work that is being undertaken
  • Communication plan and tools
  • Identification of the team of people required and key roles and responsibilities
  • Templates for status reporting

Why do I need this?

Initiating a project using these tools provides the foundations for success. They give the whole project team a clear understanding of the objectives of the project and their role within it to ensure:

  • That your team are fully engaged in the change and motivated to deliver the same goals
  • The project has a greater chance of succeeding
  • Communication tools provide easy, clear updates which build the confidence of the senior management team
  • Management of individual tasks is easily achieved and everyone is aware of the dependencies

These tools enable the effective management of a project meaning there is a continual push for delivery.