Project Delivery Services

Navigation Partners have a standard approach to project scoping, planning and delivery. This approach allows for the flexibility to add any client specific project processes or procedures as required.

While every project is indeed different, it is possible to standardise some of the structural elements, to create a framework for scoping, planning and delivering a project in order to maximise efficiency while minimising the potential for human error or issues that could cause unnecessary cost or delay.

Navigation Partners have condensed years of project management experience into a tried and tested framework that has the structure to guide any team from project inception to conclusion while providing the flexibility to mould these activities around the specific needs, aspirations or expectations of a client and project.

  • 20% of projects fail because they are not adequately understood at the start. The Navigation Partners approach to scoping ensures that the full scope of a change is understood and the impact across a whole organisation is considered. It is this that ensures that all key stakeholders are adequately informed of the high-level vision, and their buy-in and sign-off can be sought.
  • A detailed plan of action is required to ensure that all issues are uncovered and planned for, all objections listened to and addressed, and all opportunities to optimise the plan analysed. The plan must offer a roadmap to specified outcomes with all parties completely aware of the role they will play in the project’s success.
  • Monitoring, maintaining and managing proceedings are all important to a successful project delivery, and as no project is ever conducted in a vacuum the inevitability of change must be recognised, scoped and planned for in order to achieve a successful delivery.

Navigation Partners have the skilled team and hard-won expertise to not only support and guide your project delivery, but to share this knowledge with your teams so they can improve processes, minimise risks and maximise the prospects on any inhouse or client projects.

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