What is the SCOPEit toolkit?

The SCOPEit tool will allow you to define the full impact of the change and what is involved in its delivery. It allows you to shape an idea or strategy into something you can understand, plan and clearly cost out, so you can quickly and confidently understand the scale of a change before you embark on it.

SCOPEit is a simple framework designed for workshops. It allows you to assess the impact change will have on all aspects of your business. It is used to provide the following:

  • Scoping framework to determine the details of a change or to define a project
  • The detail required to enable sign off by the key stakeholders to ensure that they agree with the:
    • Project success factors
    • The main objectives of the project
    • The scope of the project
    • The resources required for the project
    • Identification of key elements for a project plan
    • Identification of key information required for a tender or business plan
    • Basis for a communication plan and identify what training may be required

Why do I need this?

  • 20% of projects fail because they are poorly defined at the start
  • Well defined projects are easy to plan and therefore have a greater chance of succeeding
  • Producing a scoping document ensures that all stakeholders involved in the change are motivated to the same goals
  • Reviewing the impact of the change across all areas of the business ensures that nothing is overlooked, that everything fits together and all costs are known
  • Understanding the full impact of a change allows you to create a realistic and deliverable plan